5km Sri Chinmoy race

Today I did a 5km Sri Chinmoy race. I love these races, not just because they give you pancakes afterwards, but they have a small friendly crowd… and for the past 3 I have been to I have got a placing either outright or by age catagory 🙂

Today for the first time it was not my heart rate holding me back. This time my legs were ticking over as fast as they could and for the first time ever, they actually felt fatigued from hitting the ground so fast and hard and often (although of course my fast is many others’ slow). This is a new breakthrough in my fitness levels. Recently I noticed my resting HR has dropped 8bpm from last year, my metabolism is on fire, and I am feeling fit to go hard for anything up to 25k.

So anyway, my time was 23:47 and I was 3rd in my age catagory.

I wore my Five Fingers and although I could feel a bit of strain in my achillies from yesterday, it felt good. As usual they brought interesting conversations after the race. I always tell everyone how great they are, but I don’t even know if they are available in Melbourne yet so I don’t think people can even check them out in any shops after my rave reviews.

Today was also the day of the Coburg 6hr track race. I really wanted to do this but it was just too hot for me to get any long runs in over summer. I could have run for 6hrs today if I wanted to, but it would have been tougher than it should and I wouldn’t have gone as far as I would have liked… And it would be detrimental to my new found fitness levels while I recovered for a few weeks after.

I don’t know what’s next. The Coburg 24hr track race is in about 4 weeks but I don’t think I’m ready for that. There could be a marathon in Marysville in May to get people back into the community after the bushfires. Otherwise there is the Sri Chinmoy festival in May. I really wanted to win a 5k there before I focus on 10k+ speed but that May festival would be a good chance to test my half marathon pace or even marathon – although the course might be a bit uninteresting to be out there for that long.


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