Exploring unmapped trails and 2 river crossings – great start to the weekend!

I had a great run this morning. I love exploring new places and love discovering new trails especially when they are close to home.

A CR member said it was possible to cross the Plenty River at the old pipeline and follow some trails and end up at Blue Lake. So I was now on a mission – to locate these trails and river crossings and have a good run! This is not marked on any map and I knew it would be hard to find but decided if I made it to Blue Lake via the roads, then I could look for the trails there and head towards the main Plenty River trail. I have seen mountain bikers there in the past so I knew there would be some good places to go.

Blue Lake is an old quarry site and on a nice day it is a lovely turquoise blue colour and you can swim in it. Today it was cloudy and the lake was green.

I saw some families of kangaroos, including a mum with a baby in her pouch. I also saw a few black wallabies. These creatures are strange. I think they are quite rare. I have never seen one hanging out with other wallabies and I think they look a little strange. They scare me. But fortunately I scare them more because they always hop away at lightning speed.

I ran part way around Blue Lake thinking there would be a trail and a river crossing on the other side of the lake. I have seen mountain bikers on the other side there in the past. There was nothing there except another scarey black wallaby so I ran back and followed another trail. I bumped into a couple of mountain bikers there so I knew I must be going the right way.

There were some short steep hills, some nice open grassland, and some scrubby areas too. It is great knowing this place is so close to my house and I don’t have to drive to get there.

After a steep downhill I got to the river and the first river crossing. It was great – I knew I made it!

On the other side of the river there were so many trails going in all directions. It was fantastic. Of course, I knew I was only a few kms away from a housing estate so I kept to the trails that did not lead in that direction. I ended up near the old pipeline and there is a river crossing there which leads to the main Plenty River trail (and home). I have wanted to cross there from the main trail because I could see the trails on the other side but I had never got a close look until today. It really is a genuine crossing with steps leading down to the river. I can’t believe I have run past there so many times and never looked closer until now.

So now I have future missions to explore all those trails between the pipeline and Blue Lake. I will have to see how long I can run in the trails without ending up in the housing estate.

Blue Lake – Plenty River trails
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Incidentally I had NO achillies pain AT ALL for the whole length of the run today even though I didn’t even bother warming up. This is the first run since maybe June last year that I have had a whole run pain free. Although I feel it now afterwards, I am optimistic that I am finally getting over this pain.

I wore Nike Frees minus the insole today. They are sturdy on the trails but they are a pain because they collect a lot of rocks and get heavy in the mud and after getting wet. Once I am confident I am injury free, I will reward myself with some flats for the trails. The Adidas PR looks good to me. I am also looking forward to being able to increase frequecy of running in the Five Fingers again. I will be doing a 5k race in them tomorrow.


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