Mornington foreshore run

We spent this weekend in Mornington for some relaxation and laziness but of course I had to bring my running gear. So yesterday I went for a 10k tempo run along the foreshore.

There’s a nice trail, like the Rat Run in Sandringham, in between the road and the beach. Fairly flat, nice gravel surface, and good for going fast.

After a warm up, startling a family of foxes, scrambling over some rocks, and getting my feet wet in high tide, I managed a fast finish which felt really good. I love it when hills don’t get in the way of a good time!

Although it was overcast, the sky was clear and on the horizon the city sky line could be seen:

I know my photos look bad, but it’s just my phone’s camera. I’m sure my phone contract is up some time this year and can’t wait to get a new phone – this time I’ll pick one with a good camera, even if the phone itself looks ugly.


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