Achillies and Tabata

My right achillies seems to be mysteriously getting a little better. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve taken out the insoles of the Nike Frees, or maybe I am stretching more than I think I am, or maybe my biomechanics are falling into place with weekly intervals in the Five Fingers. It has its sore moments, especially up hills, but it has felt about 50% better this week.

Yesterday I had to be somewhere at mid day and did not want to eat all the food was there so instead of my planned 30k I did 15k in the hope I wouldn’t be so hungry during the day, and also with the plan of doing another 15k today. It didn’t work. First morning in a week that I had a chance for a sleep in so I took it!

Instead I did a Tabata workout. The idea is you pick an exercise and do 20 sec HARD, 10 sec off x 8 (total = 4 mins). A Crossfit twist is you can count the number of reps or distance (depending on exercise) and the lowest number you get in a 20sec round is your score.

I chose to do situps, squats and pushups with 1 min rest between tabatas. For situps I scored 18, squats 13 and pushups – let’s just say after round 4 I maxed out – and they were girly pushups too!

It was a great QUICK workout – 12 mins in total. My legs were shaking after the squats and my arms were shaking after the terrible pushup attempt. I will do some db arm exercises to build strength so I can work up to 8 rounds of pushups!

This form of exercise is great because you can apply the method to almost anything – sprints, cycle, row, lunges, plyometric lunges(!), db exercises, deadlifts, burpees – anything you can measure. This means your workout is limited only by your imagination and you can track your progress. It’s a complete workout – you can do cardio and resistance at the same time – great if you favour one over the other so you can find something to enjoy about it. It’s the ultimate fat burner. You feel great afterwards because although it is an intense burst of pain, it is over quickly but you still feel that great feeling of a good workout afterwards. Those 10 seconds rest are really short!

I will keep up Tabata workouts. I run in the mornings and no longer have any evenings free for an hour workout so to fit in something in under 20 mins is perfect.


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