The past week has been a national tragedy. Last Saturday Melbourne reached a record temperature of 46.4 degrees. Christmas Hills and Kinglake which I have posted about and visited several times since, have been burnt to the ground, as have other towns. Homes and lives have been lost. Everything. Gone.

The Maroondah Dam run has been postponed to March but I have a feeling it could still be cancelled then. I can hardly imagine the trails being cleaned up by then when there are more important things to tend to.

Even locally I find it hard to run around my local streets and trails. The smoke makes it difficult to breathe. It does make for an interesting sunrise though.

Donate to the Victorian 2009 Bushfire Appeal via the Red Cross.

Wildlife Victoria also need donations to help wildlife who have suffered burns.

The RSPCA is providing free vet care for people’s pets. They need financial assistance too.

In times like this, we need a picture that has been doing the internet rounds. Sam, the famous koala:


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