I haven’t been running very much lately. Three days in a row last week saw temperatures at 43-45 degrees. I did try 1 or 2 runs in the morning when it was a ‘cool’ 35 but really there is no point. I am taking this as an opportunity to rest my achillies (not that resting makes any difference) and do core workouts infront of the air con.

I did go for an unbelievably slow run this morning. I’ve now taken out the heal lift and the insole in the Nike Frees. After 2km my achillies warmed up and I felt almost no pain. The Frees are much better without anything inside them, and I think trails will be better with my feet closer to the ground. I still dream of finding the perfect pair of flats for trails and long runs, but I think I only think about shoes so much when I am in some kind of pain. Stretch and ice, stretch and ice. That’s what I’m doing lots of.

It is interesting over these past few days with little or no running, my weight has actually dropped 2kg. Sure, I’m eating slightly less, but I am also eating gelato and vegan ice cream, and on Friday my boss handed out beers to everyone coz it was so hot. So less running + icecream + beer = -2kg. I think when I run regularly that maybe my body holds onto water more. I don’t know if there’s anything scientific to back that up, but that’s just the feeling I get.


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