Maroondah Aquaduct run

Today was my first long run since the Bruny Island Ultra. It wasn’t a real long run because it was under 30k, but it was a decent long run at over 25k. It’s amazing how much fitness I’ve lost. My legs had that unfit tiredness that I haven’t felt in a while at that distance. Although it could be due to a breaking affect. I think my left leg lands way too far forward, but I have been trying to get my right leg to copy it in an attempt to fix my achillies. It definitely feels better when it does the same as the good leg but gee it’s inefficient and impossible to go at a decent speed. At least this meant it was a low HR run all the way.

I ran the Maroondah Aquaduct trail from Research. It’s quite a nice path, and flat, which is unusual for that area. It’s really interesting because you get to look into everyone’s backyards on the trail. Some are really nice. It’s a really bushy area. Some people have paddocks with horses.

The end of the trail was a bit of a surprise as it ends a little earlier than on the map. Once I realised it was over, I just ran along the train tracks home. It’s quiet along the train tracks, I didn’t see anyone else along there. It was also a good surface with dirt, rocks and grass. The varied terrain is kinder to my achillies.

My legs had that tired feeling but at around 20k I finally lost myself in my daydreams and was pain free for a while. Then I woke up. It’s weird how you can be running along for a while then suddenly you feel like you’ve just woken up. You look around, realise you are 1/2 way up a steep hill and suddenly feel tired and like you want to go home. Then a few kms later you are back in daydreamland again… til you wake up again.


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