Lead up to First Ultra

3 days to go until my first ultra. I have been doing a few things in the lead up to make sure I am feeling good on the day.

Firstly, I bought some Dunlop Volleys. I thought it would be good to have some flat, unsupportive shoes for trail runs, rocky ground, and general situations where the Vibram Five Fingers may not be my first choice. I am also too cheap to buy some propper flats at the moment, although would LOVE to try on the Adizero PRs. I ran in the Volleys on Monday (felt good), Five Fingers on Tuesday (felt better), and my old Nike Waffles on Wednesday (legs felt great, pitty the shoes are so narrow). This switch in footwear has alleviated a lot of the recent achillies/bursa/metatarsal pain and my feet are feeling pretty good. I didn’t run today, and probably wont run until the day, although I might sneak a short one tomorrow or Saturday.

Secondly, I have declared myself vegan from today until the ultra. I’m doing this for my health. I have been experimenting with food lately, and I do feel much healthier on a vegetarian diet. I have decided to go a step further and be temporarily vegan, mainly to cut out dairy, but partly just out of interest to see how difficult it is to maintain.

Now I just need to make a list of what I need to take to the ultra, foodwise. It’s only 53k so it’s quite possible I wont even need any solids. Lately I have noticed on my long runs that I do crave fruit towards the end. Based on that, my list is this:

  • Water
  • Orange juice
  • Apple juice
  • Homemade boysenberry cordial
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Bananas
  • Promite sandwich on multigrain or similar bread

I will run in the Five Fingers, but take the Asics DS Trainers just incase. I’ll also take a very old pair of Asicas Kayanos with orthotics that I had years ago. They are sooo comfortable. Not to run in, but to wear after a long run when your feet just don’t feel like doing anything. The cushy cushy feeling and the orthotics moving your feet for you is just perfect after a long run!

If anyone reading has any further suggestions, please comment!


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