Short Long Run

Today was a short long run. My right foot is not too happy at the moment, I wanted to do a long run, I should be tapering for the Tan Ultra, I wanted to wear the Five Fingers, I wanted to run on some gravel paths. This all meant I couldn’t run very long, but I didn’t need to go too short.

It was pouring with rain most of the time, and the dirt paths were just soooo muddy I had to walk through them. The five fingers were just too slippery and I would’ve have looked ridiculous wearing a white tshirt covered in mud if I slipped over. My legs were already splattered with mud so all the dog walkers I passed must have thought I was a nutcase.

I took this opportunity of a short run to try and run on some of the rocky gravel river paths in the five fingers. I thought it would really really hurt but you know what? It wasn’t so bad. What hurt more was the gravel paths that had been worn so smooth but the odd sharp stone I didn’t see would really hurt!

I only did about 17k today, including the Greensborough Hwy hill. I think I need to run that as often as possible because for some reason I just find it very tough and I reckon I could get used to it if I didn’t try so hard to avoid it.

Throughout the run my right metartarsals were just not right. It feels like the soft tissue is bruised and swollen or something and it takes a little while to warm up. Virtually no achillies issues today, which is good. I need to decide which shoes to wear for the Tan Ultra next week. Do I go with the five fingers and have sore metartarsals or go with the Asics and have sore achillies? I will definitely bring both shoes so I can swap if necessary. Just what to start with? I would love to go the five fingers the whole way, but if it is raining like today my feet will just freeze and it will become too painful in the cold. It is not comfortable to wear the injinji socks.


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