Running faster for better form

OK Well this morning I did a 9k run. Usually on Tuesdays I would do an interval session, but after reading that anaerobic training is detrimental to long distance training, I decided against that and did a tempo session, focusing on form.

My right foot was a little sore during the warm up and slow start, but once I got a good pace happening, the pain diminished. Towards the end as I got faster the pain was gone. The whole time I was focusing on form and posture.

I guess since I am running about a minute per km faster than I was at the start of the year, I am still not used to the faster leg turnover. I am still in the mindset of running 6:30min/k for a low HR and my legs just don’t want to go faster without me mentally reminding them to. It does feel a lot better to run 5:30min/k. Everything just flows better. Towards the end of this morning’s run I was doing sub 5min/k.

So if I keep going at a faster pace, hopefully this stupid foot pain will go away.


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