It seems I am still recovering from that 30k race! It was 2 days before I could run properly. I’ve been swimming a couple of times but that doesn’t seem to loosen up the muscles like it used to. I’ve also been sure to eat plenty. Not just plenty of anything, but plenty of fresh fruit and vege.

I managed a 16k short run yesterday, counting it as part of a reduced long run. Felt quite lethargic during the run except up one mega hill where the extra breathing woke me up a bit.

But some how my right foot just isn’t right. OK so I had the achillies issues, which morphed into plantar fascia issues, which have now morphed into pain on the top of my metatersals. I’m not sure what that is called exactly, but a friend had a stress fracture there last year and my pain seems awfully similar to hers. So I am kind of pretending it doesn’t exist but continuing to run each day, but I am kind of acknowledging it is there by taking it easy on each run.

I think taking it easy ie going slowly is not the best idea though. Going slow leads to poor form and I have noticed, particularly while running up hill with pronounced posture, the pain disappears. So I really need to remember how I got rid of my years of shin splints and lean forward from the core, pick up my feet quickly, don’t let them linger on the ground, and don’t just shuffle along like a tired old horse even if that’s what I feel like.

I am HOPING to do The Tan Ultra in a few weeks time. 53k of running round a popular running track in the city. This weekend I’ll do a 30+k run and see how I pull up. That will be the decider. So if I REALLY want to do it, I will run smart.


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