Sri Chinmoy 30k race

I did it! A 30k race! It was yesterday but OMG I am still totally buggered now. Yesterday I was exhausted all day and basically did nothing. I felt better when I lay on the couch. Today I tried to go for a walk/run but could not get to the end of the street I am so sore. This means I tried my best! Although I do seem to be rather injured 😦 I have my bathers on and will go for a lunchtime swim today.

I knew I could run 30k but I didn’t know if I could race it. I wanted to push myself to exhaustion and I did it. The course was 6 laps of Princes Park and strangely, I didn’t have any mental issues counting the laps or dying of boredom from the same scenery.

The first lap I felt was a little too fast, but I decided just to keep pushing on. The 12k mark was when I started to feel it hurt. Both my achillies were straining and I wasn’t sure if I could maintain the pace, but I reminded myself that the plan was to treat it like a half marathon, then hang on for dear life. So I kept pushing on. After the 3rd lap I was really getting tired. I just had to keep reminding myself that this is a race and I want to push it. By the 4th lap I started to slow down. I felt really tired, but I had to say to myself “Only 10k to go, that’s only 2 laps.” The funny thing is a year ago I wouldn’t have thought “only” 10k, but now I can say that. During the 6th lap I knew I would make sub 3hrs which was my goal so I did allow myself to slow a little, whilst still pushing myself. My calves and hamstrings were on the verge of cramping but I was counting down the ks. Finally on the home stretch I could pick up the pace and according to my Garmin, finished in 2:46:17!

I am totally wrapped with that! It was not just sub 3 hours, it is way less than that. I passed by the 5k, 10k and HM with PBs! It was fantastic! So now I am thinking that a sub 4hr marathon is possible, but it will be TOUGH!

I wore my five fingers in the race partly because I knew the Asics would irritate my achillies and partly because, well, they’re comfy and I run better in them. No one even looked at them. I took sips of water every 5k. I am glad I had this opportunity to learn how to drink from a cup while running. Basically I poured 1/2 the water out, then took 3 or 4 sips. I am not sure if this was enough though due to my legs starting to cramp, although it could be a food thing.

At the end of the race when I finished, I was getting my pancake and about to walk towards the CR people as I had not spoken to them at all yet. But while I was getting the maple syrup, a nice lady congratulated me. She had finished about 10mins before me and said she noticed me because not many women do the 30k. She’s also training for the marathon so I asked her a few questions. She’s done 4 Melbourne marathons so far and never runs further than 30k in training or she gets injured. She also doesn’t take gels or anything during the race, but always has a full breakfast beforehand. I think this breakfast idea might help with the cramping. We wished each other luck for our training.

The SC events really have the bestest friendliest crowd and even if I am not a huge fan of their courses, I love the people.

So the plan this week is to take it easy. Well, I have to – I got up at 5:25 to go for a recovery run this morning but I couldn’t even hobble to the end of the street so I came back home. Now after 2 hrs at home doing nothing my legs have actually warmed up a bit and I could manage a recovery run but I think some lunchtime swims will do me good. Besides, the Clifton Hill pool/gym is having a competition where if you exercise 20 times by the end of August you go in the draw to win some cool prizes such as a free 12 month membership! I could REALLY do with that!


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