From Achillies to Plantar Fascia

Oh dear. So the achillies issue is just about sorted. A 5 min warm up walk and gentle run eases the strain so it is barely noticeable for the rest of my runs. But as of a couple of days ago, my plantar fascia has developed pain! HOW ANNOYING!!

Most of my internet research says PF pain is usually in the heal. Well the pain I experience is along the arch of my foot, basically the whole PF right up to the ball of my foot. I am thinking that in my attempts to alleviate the achillies pain, I have been over-emphasising the dorsiflection of my foot, therefore putting strain on the PF, causing inflammation, causing pain.

Last night I massaged my right foot, focusing on PF, achillies and calf muscles. This morning I tried not to concentrate too hard on what my foot was doing, and tried to let it do whatever it wanted to do (within reason!). It was still sore, but better than yesterday.

So I guess it’s official. 2008 is not an injury free year. I still intend on doing a long run tomorrow, more as a confidence builder for the 30k race the following week. I am hoping that tonight’s aerobics class wont aggravate it, although I’m sure it will. Totally unsure about what shoes to wear tomorrow. The five fingers will be best, but I’d like my long run to take in some trails and gravel sections so maybe I’ll try the Asics, but of course, the Asics will probably make the injury worse.


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