Occasionally during my LSD I have felt my legs cramp up. Not seriously debilitating cramps where I have to lie on the ground in agony, but my legs were tight and they wanted to cramp badly.

Last weekend was my longest run to date at 29.4k. My legs were feeling it. Starting to cramp. Feeling tired and just going through the running motions. I felt very slow (although the Garmin showed I had picked up the pace). I wasn’t drinking much water during the run because I didn’t feel thirsty. My previous long run, as mentioned in my last post, I felt 100% fine and I think I did drink more then.

I have read online that some people say cramps are caused by lack of salt. I have also read that that is an old school theory and it is actually lack of water. During my last run when my legs were cramping, I thought I could be approaching The Wall. I’ve never hit The Wall. The Wall is like a fabled myth that I would like to discover and learn how to overcome. I would like to learn how to eat on the run, to experiment with foods. At the same time I am enjoying training my body to run far without eating.

Whatever the official cause of leg cramps, I think for me it is lack of water. I actually have to make myself drink on the run. I don’t feel thirsty, I just get to a certain point and think Hmm I haven’t had anything to drink in over 5k, perhaps I should have a sip. But towards the end of the run I often think Well, I’m not thirsty so why bother? I’ll be home soon and can drink some nice homemade boysenberry cordial then. I think it is because I can comfortably run 20k without the thought of a drink but clearly I need something for the longer stuff. In future I must remember to drink at least every 5k even if I don’t feel like it.


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