Today’s long run and last weekend’s trail runs

My alarm went off at 7am this morning. I heard the rain outside, hit snooze. Alarm went off again, could still hear the rain, hit snooze. Alarm went off again, couldn’t hear the rain, so got up! Looked outside and saw it was still raining. Went back to bed and 1/2 an hour later woke up not hearing the rain so quickly put on my running gear, looked outside, and saw it was still raining. Oh well, already dressed so I had to go out!

After endless computer problems over the past week, I took my Garmin to work yesterday to recharge it, then of course forgot to bring it home. Today is Long Run Day and I had no idea how far I was going. My regular watch battery died weeks ago and I hadn’t had time to get that fixed so I had to run purely on instinct. Add to that it was about 8 degrees, pouring with rain and there seemed to be a constant headwind no matter what my direction was, so today’s run was not the best.

I wore my Asics and my feet were soaked after stepping in some unavoidable puddles. There were few runners about, all of us grinning like mad people when we saw each other, knowing that only a few of us diehard freakazoids were braving the weather. I took a 600mL water bottle with me on the run as I was aiming for 27k and didn’t want to get thirsty. I added 2 teaspoons of honey and a pinch of salt incase I got tired. I only drank about 400mL but never felt tired or thirsty. I felt pretty good most of the run and suspected I turned around too early as I was approaching home and decided to add a bit extra to the run. I was right. Only did 23k. But the good news is I was not starving for the rest of the day, I was not sore or tired, and I could do it again tomorrow with no problems. Actually I was considering another long run tomorrow but other commitments will mean I’d have to get up at 6:30am and I’m not into that right now.

Last weekend I had some hardcore trail running experiences. We went to the Grampians for 3 nights and of course I brought my running gear. I was hoping for a long run over 25k and a couple of shorter runs. Well my first run nearly put me off trail running altogether! I headed up to where most of the trails are and after running a short loop to warm up, picked a walking track. I think it said it was 2k return, or something very short anyway. It started pleasantly enough. But after some very steep stairs and some bouldering over sandstone rocks, I wondered if I was really cut out for this sort of activity. I had to walk up the steep sections, and because the rocks are sandstone, the sand on the soles of my shoes made it slippery work and I was sweating and puffing like a mad woman barely moving faster than 8:00min/k for a total of 5.3k:

The following day I picked a MUCH easier route after buying a topographical map. Started and finished on the road, but included a very pleasant trail. Total 6.2k:


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