Run home from work

Yesterday I ran home from work for the first time. It’s 18.4k but obviously there are variants and I took the longer way by the main roads to avoid a tortuous hill.

I wore the Injinjis with my Asics for the first time. Got uncomfortable and felt a blister coming on. I don’t think it was the injinji’s as such, more that I have one foot slightly bigger than the other so that is the foot that suffers blisters more, and of course the injinjis are a little thicker than the usual socks I would wear.

I decided to wear the Asics because I couldn’t remember if the path along the river at the start of the run was all sealed or not. Turns out it is all concrete and bitumen so next time I’ll probably go with the Five Fingers.

Anyway, pulled up ok considering it was my first ‘short’ long run, or medium run, or whatever the mid week slightly longish run is called. Popped a magnesium instead of stretching!! And had tender achillies til my recovery run this morning – 5.2k in the five fingers. Despite a longish warm up (800m walk is long for me!) my achillies were still a little sore but 3k into it they sorted themselves out and for the rest of the day I’ve felt like I could bang out another 18k and not be affected negatively.

Tomorrow we’re going to the Grampians for a weekend getaway so I’m hoping to hit the trails while I’m out there!


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