Injinji socks with Five Fingers

Well today I gave the Injinji’s a go. They were thicker than I expected, nice smooth material and very comfy. So comfy that I’ll wear them on my long run with the Asics to see how that goes. Despite there being virtually no room in my five fingers, they fitted in well! They made the five fingers even more comfortable with the extra warmth and padding.

This got me thinking. Does adding socks to the five fingers make them less ‘barefoot’? If I wore 2 pairs of socks would I be less ‘barefoot’ again? 3 pairs of socks? Does that mean I may as well have worn shoes today? Perhaps my Nike Waffles with thicker socks would feel the same as five fingers with a couple of pairs of socks. Would I be moving away from my ideal of minimalistic footwear and hindering my running form? Well yes and no. I guess it’s a move away from minimal stuff on my feet. It certainly didn’t affect my form though. So is it good or bad to wear socks with the five fingers? I don’t know. Today was actually around 10 degrees at 5:30 this morning so the weather would have been bearable without socks. Of course when winter truly hits and I head out in 2 degree temperatures then the socks will be invaluable.

Speaking of the cold, I did ask my dad for some arm warmers for my birthday. I doubt he’ll get them for me. So I probably need to buy some. Zombie Runner has arm warmers with pockets! Yes, POCKETS! They also come in the funkiest of colours. I’d probably stick to plain black, but I don’t mind the zebra striped ones… So in a couple of weeks when it’s confirmed I’m not getting arm warmers for my birthday, I guess I’ll have to go on another shopping spree there! Damn!


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