New toys purchased!

This week I have declared an easy week. Last Saturday I was very thirsty and cut my long run short at 24.3k, headed straight to a personal training session where the PT proceeded to thrash my quads, then had a quick 5k race on Sunday. It was a good finish to a 3 week block of 50k+ weeks. Now is my chance to recover, let my legs adapt to the new load, not get up so early and feel strong for a bigger week next week!

Last week I ordered some cool new running toys from That is One Cool Shop! Run for ultraheads by ultraheads. Now of course, I’m nowhere near their league, but it’s my goal. And I love the name of the shop. They sell cool ultra gear like hydration packs, injinji socks, arm warmers with pockets (perfect!!), caffeine enhanced jelly beans, a wide range of ginger lollies for the vomit factor and everything else you could possibly imagine.

My order arrived today – I bought a clip on pouch to carry stuff home from work so from next week on I will run home from work once a week. That’s a pleasant 18-20ish km mid week run. That was the main thing I needed to purchase, but of course I got side tracked with a keyring sized thermometre/compass (strangely enough, just what I’ve wanted for years!), a sample pack of 6 electrolyte pills (because they were only $1USD, not because I need them), a pair of injinji socks to try with my Five Fingers so my feet don’t get so cold, and of course I couldn’t resist a totally cool coffee mug with their logo – it says Zombie Runner and has a pic of a person running carrying a massive coffee cup. As a lover of coffee, and as someone who is constantly tired from the early morning runs, I thought this was very apt 🙂 They also threw in a free fruit bar and a 10% off coupon to tempt me to shop again.

It has been extremely cold here lately. Winter is definitely starting. We’ve even had to use the central heating at home in the mornings and evenings. I only bought one pair of injinji’s just incase I didn’t like them or they don’t fit under my Five Fingers (it’s a tight fit already with no socks). Can’t wait to try them out tomorrow and see how it goes!


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