Sore feet

Lately the balls of my feet have been feeling quite sore. I think it’s due to running a bit too much on less than perfect ground in the five fingers when my feet aren’t quite up to it yet. A couple of times this week (including this morning) I considered the option of socks and cushioned shoes due to the general feeling that my feet just didn’t want to hurt when they step on little rocks. But then I remembered – It’s April and I have been injury free all year! Four months is a record! …So I put on the five fingers again.

I’m going to keep doing my long runs in the Asics for now. I just can’t run on gravel or rough ground in the five fingers. I know I need to work on it, probably starting with some short walks to get used to it. Actually I was thinking a few barefoot walks would probably solve the issue of the sore feet, but I feel quite busy at the moment and I could only fit in walks in the evening after work. The morning is my running time and I don’t want to cut back on that at the moment. Maybe during an easy week I’ll give it a go….if I remember.


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