This morning I dragged myself out of bed at 5:30am for 1km intervals! FUN! My feet were feeling a little tender and I almost put on the Asics but went for the five fingers. They are my favourite shoes AND they help my feet do what they’re supposed to do AND they’re light so I should be faster, right?

It was a 1km warm up, followed by 1km fast, 1km recovery etc, total 7k. Although I tended to tire towards the end of the fast bits, and get bored of the slow bits, so it was closer to 800m fast/slow. Except one section I did 1.3k fast because there were people out on their morning walk and I wanted to keep going fast past them!

Running fast in the five fingers is so easy. It felt natural. Whenever I felt myself struggle, I just had to remind myself to gently lean forward, keep a fast leg turnover, and don’t overstride. It worked a treat! Don’t have the stats here right now (I’m at work) but I do recall my HR not getting over 185ish which is AMAZING considering how fast I was going. Well, fast for me, probably average for most other runners!

My right ankle started to feel a little weak at times. Old stability issues returning? Just getting tired from the fast stuff? Relying on the Asics too much lately? Longest long run to date last weekend? Who knows. I don’t think it’s a big deal.


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