Current longest run

I did my longest run to date yesterday – 22.8k. I decided to run in the Asics because I didn’t want my last couple of five finger runs to beat me. ie I wanted to go on those gravel paths that have tortured my feet over the past couple of weeks. Since I’ve been doing a lot of runs in the five fingers, including 2 long runs, I had the ‘feel’ of running correctly still in my memory so I didn’t get any shin pain at all in the Asics! It was FANTASTIC! I focused on just letting my feet fall naturally and not over striding. I iced the balls of my feet afterwards, because they were still quite sore from the previous weekend’s 19.5k in the five fingers (where I was reduced to a hobble over the last k partly due to some long rocky gravel paths, and partly coz my calves and hamstrings wanted to cramp). Anyway, yesterday’s long run was the best run and the furthest I’ve done. I wanted to stop and walk up the last two hills, but forced myself onwards. Had a few stitches, but forced myself onwards. Was REALLY BUGGERED but kept going. My HR was lower than it was several months ago and my pace was slightly faster! I think I had the confidence to complete over-half-marathon distance because of my training in the five fingers. I had done a few long runs in those, and my feet just knew what to do even though they were in shoes. It really was my best run to date. To top it off it was a good route.

The Yarra is a nice place to run. There is the Main Yarra Trail, which is easy, flat and not overly exciting, but there are also all these little trails that go off the main trail and then it is like you are on a real bush trail…but in the suburbs! These trails are pretty quiet. So far haven’t seen any runners on them, just a dog walker or two but mostly mountain bikers. With all these little trails, I don’t understand why people stick to the big boring gravel trail. Oh well, leaves the good stuff quieter for the rest of us!

…after much pain with MapMyRun and trying to edit the run so you don’t see exactly where I live…Here it is…

Did a short recovery run today in the five fingers – no pain, felt FAST and had a surprisingly low HR. This put my weekly mileage to 52km! Biggest week to date, and first over-50! Now I just gotta keep it up. Have been starting to lengthen a weekday run or two so hopefully soon I’ll be doing a short-long mid week run to support what I’m doing on the weekends.


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