This morning I decided I needed a slow recovery run. My hamstrings and glutes were trashed from Body Attack on Friday night, and my quads became trashed after a PT session (after the long run) so basically I couldn’t move my legs.

Wore the five fingers coz 1) I love them and 2) it wasn’t too cold this morning so I wanted to take advantage of not having freezing feet. Well as soon as I stepped out the door I knew I should’ve worn the Asics. The ball of my right foot was still sore from the cobble stones so my 5 min walk warm up was really a 5 min limp. Did my regular 5k loop and took it very slow. NO achillies pain! So I guess that means a warm up and slowly does it fixes it. I suppose I was really looking for something to blame (ie the part of the five fingers that digs into the heal) other than myself. Anyway, my legs feel great now and I’m most happy about the pain free achillies 🙂

Note to self: WARM UP – IT WORKS!


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